Photo by Lloyd Roberts
When people think of Hong Kong the words “mountains” and “countryside” are not what come to mind first. Most people think Hong Kong is just a busy and bustling metropolis with endless skyscrapers and hectic shopping, however people don’t realise that a majority of Hong Kong is greenery. In fact, nearly three quarters of Hong Kong’s 1,108 square kilometres is countryside and mountains, offering a great contrast from the fast-paced city landscape that most people associate Hong Kong with.
If you need a break from the constant noise of a typical Hong Kong day, make use of the peaceful and barely touched spaces around Hong Kong by going on a hike- either with friends, family or by yourself. A hike up the many trails of Hong Kong serves as the perfect time to ‘rest and reflect’ whilst at the same time viewing some spectacular views of Hong Kong that cannot be seen anywhere else.
Whether you crave an intense trek up one of Hong Kong’s tallest peaks or simply a relaxing walk with the family, Hong Kong has got it all.