By: Sassy Girls


New threads with a cool East meets West vibe

As the seasons change, so do our closets! New winter collections offer up the latest trends so you can swap flip-flops for boots and summer dresses for jumpers. That being said, one thing we don’t want to sacrifice year round is comfort. Wearing clothes that are super comfortable, easy to wear all day and still unique and fashionable is what we’re always after! That’s why we were excited to see that Hong Kong’s very own original lifestyle store, G.O.D. has launched its new DY4GOD Autumn Winter Collection.

The new collection is a reflection of what G.O.D. is all about, fusing traditional Chinese culture with contemporary designs. Think classic Cheongsams and Chinese jackets with a modern twist. Naturally comfortable, the clothing is soft against the skin as it has no seams or padding, meaning you can spend all day in it without longing to jump into your pajamas or sweat pants! Not only is the DY4GOD Autumn Winter Collection comfortable, it’s also stylish. We love the subtle details like the Chinese knot buttons and funky fabrics, which are mixed with an almost sporty, high-tech design. Stylish casual attire with a cool East meets West vibe? Sign us up.

Apart from contemporary Cheongsams and jackets, the collection also includes fleece hoodies in bright colours – perfect for the cooler months ahead! Pop one on over a pair of jeans, add your favourite pair of boots and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for well designed clothing that’s unique to the city we call home, then you can’t go wrong here. G.O.D. have made Chinese inspired fashion so accessible, you can wear it everyday with ease. We’ll be snapping up some of the hoodies as presents for friends and family… and we’ll definitely grab a Cheongsam for ourselves too!

The DY4GOD collection is now available in stores! 

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