Tiger Trading Co NYC Pop Up

In June 2016, Asia’s #1 premium beer launched in the US market and shattered the stigma of products that are made-in-Asia. Tiger Beer created a store that championed Asian creativity but built ironically on Canal Street, the counterfeit capital of New York. Featuring more than 500 products from across Asia, including Goods Of Desire representing Hong Kong.

Tiger Trading Co NYC Pop-Up Inside

The key message at the core of Tiger Trading Co. was that “Made in Asia” doesn’t translate to low quality. 

GOD Founder Douglas Young on Tiger Trading Co NYC Pop Up

The two-day pop-up showcased the the best of Asian creativity. Tiger’s team curated more than 500 items representing the best of contemporary Asian fashion, art, design and even technology. 

Tiger Trading Co NYC Pop Up Outside Night

Watch the story of the pop-up featuring GOD Founder, Douglas Young, here.