By Lawrence Ferber

Your go-to guide to PMQ’s most special goods, from kids' clothing and accessories to artisanal teaware and high-end fashion

To tourists, Hong Kong is regarded as one of Asia’s best shopping meccas for big name international brands — there are three Louis Vuitton shops, for one thing — yet its homegrown fashion, accessories, crafts and creative home goods seem to get lost in the shuffle.

When the PMQ development opened in 2014, that all changed. Formerly the Police Married Quarters, this heritage site was reinvented as a multilevel retail and "creative hub" with flagship stores for some of Hong Kong’s best and coolest designers, artists, craftspeople and brands. Entailing two separate wings, Hollywood and Staunton (named after the streets they run parallel to), and connected by a lovely elevated courtyard, the PMQ is a must-visit for unique local products and gifts. Its eclectic array runs the gamut from high-concept runway fashion and clever home goods to a classic teahouse and a cooking school.

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